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Let’s break after office hours, get some ice lemon tea and some lough after facing all day long problem on client with   some different case, let’s lough with friend and forget the problem for while. and we choose ebira central park still around our office , the cozy place and Italian food. actually i already going to ebira pizza on setiabudi building at kuningan, usualy on Wednesday night perform “mike and the appartement” band just for free…hehe..  but it’s was long time ago. the funny thing is pauline, after drink a half of lychee the face going red…. hahaha

on small table round with six people

pauline,ting2,silvi,me,danan and shandy

the expensif one is Sangria for IDR 63.525.

and then mojhito for IDR 51.975

and lychee also  raspberry lemonade for IDR 45.000.

oh forget one the  is ice lemon tea for IDR 22.110… hahahha.. the cheapers… 🙂

for piza is Pz Texas BBQ (L) for 79.395 –> taste is good, we like it



and where the pizza ha?

we forget to take photo.. hahaha

photo taken with iphone 4s and touch with light room.


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